My name’s Lisa and I am an introvert. I only really discovered this when I was well into adulthood and noticed that some people genuinely enjoy things like parties and regular nights out. You see, I’ve… View Full Post

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day 2018 and it got me thinking about my own journey through adulthood, from being a shy, scared teenage girl to a woman who has finally settled in her own skin… View Full Post

The phrase ‘girl boss’ has been around for a few years now, especially across social media where it’s often accompanied by an inspirational quote or two. Whilst I’m all for celebrating success and appreciate that the notion… View Full Post

My analytics tell me that 87% of my readers are women aged 18-45. Now I never trust these statistics entirely so I’ll apologise if this post isn’t relevant to you. In fact, scrap that; this message… View Full Post

Today marks one whole year since Adam and I made a pretty big commitment to one another in a modest registrar’s office, witnessed by a complete stranger!   Yep, today is our very first wedding anniversary… View Full Post