Sunday is undoubtedly my favourite day of the week. The usual weekday alarm clock gets firmly switched off and spending the entire morning lounging in bed is the norm. It’s also the only time that Adam and I get to enjoy leisurely brunches without… View Full Post

One of my favourite things about Easter is the confectionary. Now, before I get absolutely trolled, I do appreciate that it also has very important, deeper meaning but my sweet tooth is grateful that modern tradition dictates… View Full Post

Did you know that on Valentine’s Day in Japan, the tradition is for women to give men chocolates, rather than the other way around? No, me neither.  Japanese food company wants to mirror this tradition… View Full Post

Did you know that November is Peanut Butter Lovers Month? No, neither did I until a few weeks ago! How this very important fact escaped my radar is beyond me as peanut butter really is one… View Full Post

As a family, we’ve always enjoyed trying new foods. Whenever we go abroad, we all fully embrace the local cuisine and make a point of bringing home a selection of unusual culinary goodies to share with… View Full Post