Rescuing Your Feet With Rollasole Shoes | Review

Rescuing Your Feet With Rollasole Shoes | Review

Ladies, you know the drill; we walk into a shoe shop (Hello Kurt Geiger) and before you know it, you’ve fallen in love with a beautiful pair of 4-inch nude stilettos that you simply must have.

You leave the shop in a mild state of euphoria and later that day, proudly slip on your new shoes, ready for a night of dancing. The girls compliment your heels and you feel like a rock star. Well, that is until you find yourself walking like Bambi on ice with some monster blisters forming!

I adore my heels. I have an embarrassingly large collection of them and, being just 5ft tall, they help to give me that much-needed extra height. Heels make me feel amazing, however, there is just one problem…

Whether I’m spending the day at a wedding, out for a nice meal with Adam or enjoying a lively night out with the girls, the inevitable always seems to happen. It starts off with a little rubbing on the back of the heels. Then comes the fire-like pains that begin shooting through the balls of my feet. By 11pm, I’m using my friends as a crutch and hobbling around, trying not to howl in pain.

I learnt my lesson the hard way on one particular night out a few years ago. I was out in one of my favourite (somewhat dubious) Manchester nightclubs when the familiar pain kicked in. As much as my rockabilly heels looked incredible with my outfit, I eventually took them off and carried on dancing to Mr Clint Boons DJ set. The nightclub security staff came over and instructed me to put my shoes back on. I reluctantly did as I was told – until they walked off and my shoes ended up in my hand. Repeat the process about six more times until it was time for me to leave.

Fuelled by too much gin, I smugly strolled barefoot past the bouncers to my taxi…and straight over a pile of broken glass. Cue me crying in the car as the poor driver tried to stop the bleeding and remove shards of a beer bottle from my feet. True story…

After that malarkey, I tried to find a happy medium but let’s face it – who has room for an extra pair of shoes in their cute little clutch bag? Thanks to the guys over at Rollasole, we all do – hurrah!

Rollasole Review That British Betty

The idea behind Rollasole sprang to mind in 2008 when Matt Horan decided there had to be a better way for his girlfriend to return home after a fun night out than the obligatory piggy back. Hands up if you can relate? From that moment on, Matt poured his efforts into developing and patenting the unique Rollasole shoes. Soon after, the first Rollasole vending machine appeared in Matt’s home town of Bristol and the rest is history.

Rollasole shoes are a borderline genius idea; a flat pair of pumps that fold up and fit into even the smallest space. I was kindly sent a pair of these magical creations to try out for myself and being a sceptic, wasn’t overly convinced that a fold up shoe could also boast a decent level of quality and style.

I have to stay that upon initial impressions, they were comfortable and durable. I look forward to making these a staple item in my bag from now on and I’m sure I will be more than grateful for my Rollasoles on my next night out!

My size 4 feet meant that I opted for the ‘small’ option, although they do have a medium and large on offer too. The fit was perfect in both width and length. In a modern metallic gold finish, these pumps will compliment any outfit. Adam and I are heading to New York soon so I will most definitely be packing my Rollasoles to use after a long day of sightseeing and a cocktail or six!

For the price of a couple of drinks, these shoes are very reasonably priced (from just £7.95) and fashionable, with a huge array of colours and styles available – you can find out more here.

* Contains PR samples


  1. Bethany Jane 6th September 2016 / 12:31 am

    These look like an amazing idea! I’m with you, I always *start* the night in heels but within a couple of hours I’m sick of them. I love the idea of having a secret back up plan! Also your story about taking your shoes off in the club made me laugh and then cringe – sounds nasty!

    Beth x

    • admin 6th September 2016 / 9:35 pm

      Ha, I think most ladies can relate! As I’ve gotten older, the heels are becoming a rarity which makes me so sad. These bad boys are my new best friend! Lisa x

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