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Why I Like Getting Older

This week, I officially hit my mid-thirties and it made me reflect on just how much has changed in the past decade. These days, I happily opt for nights in with a cup of tea…

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Weekend Lunches at The Midland, Marple Bridge | Review

I’m always up for trying foodie places that aren’t already on my radar so when I was recently invited to try out the new lunch menu at The Midland in Marple Bridge, Stockport, I happily…

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The Jungle Book at The Lowry | Review

After a long day in the office on Wednesday, I dashed across a busy Manchester and over to the Lowry, Salford to attend the press night of The Jungle Book. I met up with Adam…

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Life Lately | April

Tomorrow, we roll into the month of May. This is my personal favourite as it usually means that the weather is getting slightly better and we can spend more time outdoors without risking frostbite. The…

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Kahlua Brunch Club | Manchester

Sunday is undoubtedly my favourite day of the week. The usual weekday alarm clock gets firmly switched off and spending the entire morning lounging in bed is the norm. It’s also the only time that Adam and I get to enjoy leisurely brunches without…

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